“Consistently delicious Granola! I eat it daily with fruit/yogurt or in a smoothie and always look forward to coming back for more! Monthly subscriptions take the hassle out of having to go and buy it and it’s a good investment in my health as the ingredients are very carefully thought through and extremely nutritious!! Thank you for adding an extra little bit of deliciousness into each and everyone of my days Complete Granola team!”

Greg – CG Subscription Customer

“Complete Granola is my absolute favourite breakfast. I find that it fills me up for the morning and I never experience that “morning tea time” brain fog. I love eating my CG with yoghurt or to add to an acai bowl. It’s also good for a cheeky midnight snack. Thanks CG for making my mornings fabulous!”

Shona – CG Customer

“Honestly the best granola I’ve ever tasted! I always bring a little granola in a zip lock bag around with me everywhere I go and eat it as a snack or add to food when I buy out. I know it’s full of amazing ingredients so I don’t feel guilty when I snack on it all the time and I get amazing stools out of it!”

Mel – CG Subscription Customer

“This Granola is absolutely AMAZING! Highly recommend trying this and guarantee you won’t eat anything else after eating it. Love it with my yoghurt and fresh fruit in the morning.”

Hayley – CG Customer

“So thrilled with how amazing Complete Granola is! We are literally obsessed with it, super keen for our next big order. Thanks to Complete Granola for making Breakfast great again.”

Lauren – CG Customer

“Delicious granola, definitely the best I have ever had with the added bonus of being locally made. I cannot rate this granola high enough. Fancy some crunch in your life… complete granola, fancy something sweet in your life… complete granola, fancy some chewy goodness in your life…. Complete Granola.”

Caoidha – CG Customer

“This stuff does not last long in my house. Super tasty and fresh. Great way to start my day. Great job guys!”

George – CG Customer

“I am all about taste, so crunchy nut corn flakes are my go too. I purchased a bag of this “granola” stuff and now Kellogg’s have lost a customer. This stuff is the best tasting cereal I have ever had. Sure it costs a bit more but the taste is worth the extra few dollars. I was also told it was quite good for me, but as I said it’s all about that morning feel good.”

Trev – CG Customer

“This stuff is amazing. Great start to your day with a n awesome blend of yummy goodness that will kick start your morning!!! Great work guys!! Everyone needs to get on this!!!”

Graham – CG Customer

“What an amazing Aussie home made product! I keep mine in the fridge and it stays fresh and crunchy for weeks! I add a handful to my smoothie also! Delicious!!! Well done.”

Bec – CG Customer

“This is absolutely delicious! It’s so hard to walk past the cupboard and not sneak a bit! It’s good on it own, with yoghurt or just milk! I love that its healthy too so I can have a guilt free snack! The only issues are keeping it away from my daughter and the bag doesn’t fit into my jar so I have to eat some to fit it!!”

Anneke – CG Customer

“Definitely recommend buying this granola! Super healthy too.”

Erin – CG Customer